Thesis Projects

Each year I have the privilege of working with students to develop their MA and BA/PMC thesis projects. MA thesis are done alone with my supervision, BA/PMC are done in a group of students (4-5). A full list of projects, past and present, is available below. Projects which have subsequently turned into conference papers or publications are noted with a *


  • Narrative complexity influencing suspense and enjoyment
  • Dispositional certainty and suspense
  • Media use and well being over the lifespan: Selection, optimization, and compensation via media entertainment
  • Bingewatching: Who, When, and Why?
  • Persuasion via Celebrity PSI/PSR
  • Virgin or Vamp: Morally complex female characters in game and film


  • The effects of narrative framing: How different ways of processing affect our perception of narratives. Rogier Kalsbreek
  • How you are being lied to on Facebook without even realizing it. Linguistic cues of deception on Facebook and their relation to self-conscious emotions. Renee Boertje
  • Realism disruptions in virtual reality: Talk aloud procedure offers insights to cognitive processes of presence disruption. Paula den Ouden


  • *Predicting enjoyment, appreciation, interest, and nostalgia from novelty in media mashups. Britt Hoeksema
  • *Mapping anti-heroes. Wouter Staplekamp
  • *Need satisfaction and ego depletion on media choice and recovery. Iris Timmermans
  • Motivating behavior change: The effects of intrinsic need satisfaction on behavior modification. Sander Wensink
  • Multitasking in media use: The effect of cognitive load on enjoyment and appreciation. Anniek Kuijper
  • The effect of moral foundations on moral disengagement with antiheroes and narrative enjoyment. Henk de Graaf
  • Francis Underwood: A study of a ruthless character. Emma Revis
  • Ego depletion and social norms on appreciation of racially-motivated humor. Marlon Struik
  • The influence of press releases on Save the Arctic coverage in mass media. Frederiek van Emden
  • Transported by stories. (BA thesis)
  • The effect of capacity and analytic thinking on media realism. (PMC thesis)


  • * Ego-depletion and media selection: Cognitive and affective challenges. Minke Duiven & Martine van Manen
  • * Vampires, wizards, and athletes: Ingroup salience and transportation into narrative (BA thesis)
  • Occupy this! The Occupy movement on twitter and national news: An agenda-setting study. Ellen van de Pas
  • Superstitions and social media. Siham Ziani
  • Morality and marketing: The use of moral foundations in advertising. Michelle Smith, Wietske Stevens, & Floortje van de Elshout
  • The “awe” full route to persuasion. Joanna van Unen
  • Advergames in marketing: Effect of brand-game fit, reward structure, and media environment on brand reputation, e-wom, and purchase intentions. Leontien Emmen, Maartje van Engelen, & Sophie Eveleens
  • Co-creation versus competition as determinants of brand reputation, e-wom, and purchase intentions. Sabine Kaars Sijpestien
  • Blood and guts: Controversial games as marketing for the armed forces. Tareq Nangrahary
  • Expatriate stress and media choice as determinants of acculturation (BA thesis)
  • Goal salience in gamified applications: A self determination theory approach (BA thesis)


  • * Elevation!  – but only if you care – the role of elevation in persuasion. Gino Mulder & Jeroen Wolper
  • * Gamification and behavior change in the workplace. Annemarije van Zandwijk
  • * Morality and wishful identification with media characters. Mayta Brackenie
  • Moral foundations in character appreciation. Mark Bybau
  • Music and brand-fit predict cognitive and affective reactions to advertisements. Anne Pluijms
  • Obesity stigma in entertainment programming. Moniek Wagemans
  • Moral foundations in Dutch soap opera. Lisanne van den Heuval
  • Ego depletion and music selection (BA thesis)

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