See you at ICA!

  The Recreation/Challenge Model of Media Entertainment: Evidence From the Field; Tilo Hartmann; Allison Eden The Role of Plausibility in the Experience of Spatial Presence in Virtual Environments; Matthias Hofer; Tilo Hartmann; Rabindra (Robby) Ratan; Lindsay Hahn; Allison Eden Touching the Virtual: Investigating Spatiotemporal Approach and Avoidance Behaviors in VR; Joomi Lee; Allison Eden; Taiwoo Park; David Ewoldsen;Continue reading “See you at ICA!”

Morality and Media @ MSU Sept 15-16

This weekend MSU ComArts will host the 2nd annual workshop on morality and media. This year we are focusing on “Problems and Possibilities.” Agenda and talk abstracts below. If you are interested in joining, please RSVP to edenalli@msu(dot)edu before September 15, 2017. Date: September 16, 2017 Location: CAS 182 Time Title of Session Speaker 10:00Continue reading “Morality and Media @ MSU Sept 15-16”

Fall 2016

Wrapping up my first full semester as faculty here in Communication at MSU, I can finally reflect on the semester and what’s been happening. Media and Morality I was involved in two media and morality  workshops, one at MSU and one at Radboud University in Nijmegen, as well as a media and morality discussion panel atContinue reading “Fall 2016”

Morality and media symposium Nijmegen

Information pulled from Description The role of morality in understanding audiences’ uses of and responses to media has always been a central subject for media scholars. The earliest theories of entertainment (cf. disposition theory: Zillmann & Cantor, 1976) were quick to establish the role of morality related to the appeal of characters and narratives.Continue reading “Morality and media symposium Nijmegen”

#MMMSU Media and Morality @MSU

Today we are hosting the first workshop on Media and Morality @MSU. Gathering together researchers from both in and outside of Michigan State University, we focus on networking, proposal development, measurement issues, and the “big questions” of media and morality over the course of a beautiful fall weekend here at MSU. Interested in joining us? Contact meContinue reading “#MMMSU Media and Morality @MSU”

NWO coverage of our KIEM grant

Nice summary of our research on avatar-based feedback in a mobility app from NWO (text below): Transportation figures from December 2013 on traffic jams (‘filedruk’) showed that the number and intensity of traffic jams in the Netherlands has increased ( To stimulate pro-social transportation behavior and to reduce traffic jams, transportation specialists turn towardsContinue reading “NWO coverage of our KIEM grant”