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  • The Recreation/Challenge Model of Media Entertainment: Evidence From the Field; Tilo Hartmann; Allison Eden
  • The Role of Plausibility in the Experience of Spatial Presence in Virtual Environments; Matthias Hofer; Tilo Hartmann; Rabindra (Robby) Ratan; Lindsay Hahn; Allison Eden
  • Touching the Virtual: Investigating Spatiotemporal Approach and Avoidance Behaviors in VR; Joomi Lee; Allison Eden; Taiwoo Park; David Ewoldsen; Sanguk Lee; Gary Bente
  • The Everyday Experience of Media Consumption: A Diary Study Examining the Recreation/Challenge Hypothesis; Allison Eden; Morgan E. Ellithorpe; Lindsay Hahn; Ezgi Ulusoy; Sara Grady; Joshua Baldwin; Kevin Kryston
  • From Solo to Social: Exploring Social Affordances in VR Chat Platforms; Joomi Lee; Allison Eden; David G. Beyea; Sanguk Lee; Shay X. Yao; Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn

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