#MMMSU Media and Morality @MSU

Today we are hosting the first workshop on Media and Morality @MSU. Gathering together researchers from both in and outside of Michigan State University, we focus on networking, proposal development, measurement issues, and the “big questions” of media and morality over the course of a beautiful fall weekend here at MSU.

Interested in joining us? Contact me via email at edenalli@msu.edu for more information!


Jaime Banks (West Virginia University, Department of Communication Studies)
Gary Bente (MSU, Department of Communication)
Nicholas Bowman (West Virginia University, Department of Communication Studies)
Leyla Dogruel (Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Political and Social Sciences)
Allison Eden (MSU, Department of Communication)
Morgan Ellithorpe (MSU, Advertising + Public Relations Department)
David Ewoldsen (MSU, Department of Media and Information)
Matthias Hofer (MSU, Department of Communication)
Matthew Grizzard (University of Buffalo, Department of Communication)
Sven Jöckel (University of Erfurt, Department of Media and Communication Science)
Mark Reimers (MSU, Department of Neuroscience)
Nancy Rhodes (MSU, Advertising + Public Relations Department)
Ron Tamborini (MSU, Department of Communication)


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