Repeat remix remediate: Hamburg Summer School Research Center for Media & Communication

August 1 I gave the following talk at the Hamburg Summer School. Although not my specific area of focus, it was really fun to think about the ways psychological knowledge about old versus new content may affect our response to remixed media. I focused mainly on novelty and familiarity since when I was making the talk I was listening to a lot of Girl Talk, and it seemed appropriate. But I could also see how other types of remediated or repeated content would activate these same paths. Strangely there is not a lot of media research on this topic… may have to remedy that šŸ˜‰

The students were quite enthusiastic despite the talk being rather theory- and data-heavy, and Hamburg was really lovely. Glad I got a chance to think about this and share with others.

Slides are below if you are interested and I’d be happy to chat more via email or in comments if you’d like to continue the conversation!

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