My ICA schedule

Next week is ICA London! So very excited. Although I have a lot on my schedule, you can catch me  for sure at the following events:

Monday, June 17

9:00-17:00, Berkeley – I will be at “Communication Science – Evolution Biology and Brains, Innovations in Theory and Methods”

I helped organize this along with the brilliant duo of Rene Weber and Emily Falk. I’ll be presenting a short introduction on the topic, a brief history of biological methods in communication science, and introducing some of my current work in the morning presentation. We have sold out the day already! Please check out the list of titles and abstracts as we have some amazing presentations planned and wonderful speakers coming.

Tuesday June 18

16:30-18:00, St. James – Mass Communication Division Business Meeting to see my good friend Abby Prestin receive the Kyong Hoo Dissertation Award (totally deserved, way to go Abby!)

 Wednesday June 19

I am chairing two panels:

11:00 – 12:15, Berkeley – Television/film viewing and social cognition (session begins with Top paper!)

15:30-16:45, Berkeley –  Cognitive processing of media messages

Thursday June 20

17:00-18:15,  St. James – I am presenting a paper with Tilo Hartmann, Mary Beth Oliver, and Louise Mares on “Elevation!” Examining the determinants of uses’ elevation responses to short film clips”

18:30-19:30, Regent’s – The Legacy of Charles K. Atkin

Friday June 21

12:00-13:15, Berkeley – Media and Morality session

Hope to see you there!

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